“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.”

Yeshas Academy is a centre for commerce education and a premier institute for CA, CS, ACCA & PUC coaching.
We have been an undisputed leader when it comes to transforming young students into extraordinary professionals which our nation needs.
Maximum number of CA & CS students qualify from Yeshas Academy compared to all the other competing institutions in Karnataka. With high-quality training, we have consistent All-India-Ranks & highest pass rates.
Our Journey

Established in 2004, Yeshas Academy is a pioneer in CA, CS and Commerce Coaching. We serve as a centre for Commerce Education to reach out to the needs of students through in-depth, meticulous classes for CA and CS. The experience and expertise of our trainers will lead you to live the joy of learning.

At Yeshas Academy, your vision is our mission. We strive to get you ready for leadership in this competitive, ever-changing world by providing staff and faculty of the highest standards. Yeshas Academy is the best Academy for CA, CS, ACCA & PUC in Bangalore.

We aim to bridge the gap between industry and academic field and to increase internationally employable skill sets of students simultaneously when they pursue any of the professional degree programs we offer. Our coaching helps students handle any challenges, acquire knowledge and skills they critically need to compete and survive in today’s modern business world.

Study Methodology

Our study material is a result of broad research, student-friendly presentation, exam-oriented perspective and learner-centered approach. To evaluate comprehension and improve performance at all steps, we have developed series of regular mock tests and revisions. Our infrastructure, constant motivation and support system have been prepared to ensure every student keeps on track at all times.

With the best faculty from across the country and learner-centered approach, Yeshas Academy has developed notable trust and rapport among the student’s fraternity for imparting quality education they need to progress in life.

Yeshas is highly pro-active in assisting students to prepare for CA, CS, ACCA & PUC examination in a systematic way.

Team & Faculties

“When the atmosphere encourages learning, the learning is irresistible”.
The onus is not on the students, but the teachers to make learning interesting. Good teaching is methodical, structured, conceptual, creative and very innovative. Equipped with all the above qualities and firm knowledge of the subjects, our faculties make difficult and complicated theories easy to understand, helping students stay committed to their studies. A lot of time and effort go into the research and compilation of materials that is relevant and interesting. Our faculties not only prepare the students for examinations but also teach them to use their theoretical knowledge in practice.

The team of faculties at Yeshas Academy consists of a rich group of more than 20+highly qualified professionals with an average teaching experience of more than 10 years.

Our Results

With best in industry results, over 20,000 students chose us to be their ultimate source for CA, CS, ACCA & PUC coaching that is being held annually.

We have produced more than 100 ranks & our average pass percentage is the best in the region.

For more than thirteen years, our dedicated team has taken pride in earning the outstanding reputation for being the institute that helps students crack their exam and provides the conceptual understanding of the subjects to face post qualification tests with full confidence.

Our institute’s basic structure is firmly established on professional faculty that comprise of a perfect group of company secretaries, chartered accountants, advocates and other experts.

Whats New

Yeshas Academy is the exclusive partner of ISDC Direct to impart ACCA coaching. Yeshas Academy offers the most competitive price and best quality coaching. With Yeshas Academy a student can qualify as ACCA from UK at a price of Rs.2,96,652* only. This includes registration with UK ACCA, one time exam fee, soft copy of study materials and coaching from most experienced teachers.

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ACCA at Best Price

Just Rs. 2,96,652/- (Including registration, one time exam fee & tuition).

Management Team

We are proud to say that our management has always been the greatest strength of Yeshas Academy.

The way a film’s success majorly belongs to a Director, the same can be correlated at Yeshas with the management team. The leaders who promote and guide students to real success are:

CA Lalit. M. Sharma

Advisor-Yeshas Academy
A Chartered Accountant by profession, well-known name in the fraternity, a believer follower and advocate of ethical professional practice, is a role model to thousands of students of Yeshas Academy.A very pleasing personality, a compelling teacher, mentor, his pep talks to students is like a soothing balm to the confused, distressed young minds instilling enthusiasm and bolster morale. The man behind the very idea and foundation of Yeshas, determined to ease the worry and tension of the students of Bangalore shuffling between disorderly conducted classes in various institutions in and out of the state of Karnataka, he traveled around the country to get the best faculties under one roof. His relentless efforts and unwavering commitment to the students thus laid the foundation of quality professional education institution -Yeshas Academy at Bangalore. A practicing chartered accountant since 1993, he has rendered service as an Executive Committee member of Karnataka State Chartered Accountants Association (KSCAA) from 1995 to 2004 and has held the office of President of KSCAA from 2003 to 2004.

Roja Rani

Yeshas Academy would not be completely established without the creative mind and administrative skills of Ms. Roja Mendon. She is the managing partner at Yeshas Academy & is responsible for admin and operations. She is very polite & students find her very approachable. Her leadership skills have helped the institute expand and set up various centers, as well as helped thousands of students achieve a better future.

CA Pawan Pagaria

CA Pawan Pagaria, together with CA Lalit Sharma, started the coaching institution in 2004. He is also an advisor of Chartered Accountants and has been imparting his expertise in the field since 1992. He has secured Rank in Intermediate and Final CA Exams conducted by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He is the founder trustee of Foundation for Life – a training center that focuses on imparting education to the uneducated Indian youth to help them get a stable job in BPO. He is an expert in managing accounts and functioning of companies abroad. At Yeshas, he acts as an advisor to the students.